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Patient Participation Group

National Association for Patient Participation

Patient Participation Report 2015

Please see our detailed report below, including action plan, survey results and supporting documents.

What are we?

PpgWe are an independent group of surgery users who care about the way our surgery works and the service it can provide. Click here to see a full list of our members.

We are affiliated to the  National Association of Patient Participation Groups (NAPP) www.napp.org.uk/napp/introduction which  is the umbrella organisation for Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) within primary care.

What do we do?

We work systematically with the Practice in order to identify priorities for our patients, and contribute to proposals for any improvements. 

We have identified that patients needed more information about the appointment system in order to improve continuity of care.

The PPG is represented on the Appointment System working group which meets monthly in order to address shortfalls highlighted in our survey undertaken November 2011.

Please see survey results below.

Why we do it?

Leighton Road Surgery is unique and we want to help it meet all our needs.

Interested in joining us?

Please fill in this form and hand in at reception.

Patient Participation Group


  • The purpose of the Patient Participation Group (hereinafter the ‘PPG’) is to help in the planning, provision and delivery of local health care services and practice issues representing a patient’s view and will be accountable to the Leighton Road Surgery, hereinafter referred to as ‘The Practice’.
  • The PPG will form a link between the patients and The Practice with a view to making a useful contribution to the improvement of existing services and help The Practice to develop new services to meet and identify patients’ needs.
  • The PPG will work in close association with The Practice Manager and other Practice Team members.

MEMBERSHIP (click here to see a list of our members)

  • A minimum of eight patients but no more than fourteen patients who are all registered at the Surgery and representing a range of ages, experience and interest will be invited by The Practice to form the PPG. Any patient registered at the surgery will be eligible to apply for membership.
  • Application for membership will be made on the prescribed form. On approval by the Practice the application will be passed to the PPG who will introduce the new member(s) into the working of the PPG. Members ceasing to be registered at the Surgery will automatically cease to be members of the PPG.
  • The PPG may only have one member of a family serving at any one time – this would include the relationships of ‘step’, ‘half’ and ‘adopted’ as well as that of the standard ‘grandparent, parent, child’ pattern.
  • All successful applicants will be expected to serve for a minimum of one year with a maximum of five years. Should a member who has served the five year term wish to continue on the PPG, they should make their wishes known to the rest of the group. Re-election is then possible by the Group, with the expectation that said member will serve a minimum six year total period, and a maximum ten year total period.
  • The PPG may co-opt observers with specific expertise/experience to assist it in a specific area(s).
  • A representative of The Practice will be co-opted to the meeting.
  • The members of the PPG will elect members to be Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Chair and Secretary to be elected on alternate years. NOTE: To bring this into line the Chair and Vice Chair will be elected in 2008 and then every two years thereafter. The Secretary will be elected in 2007 and then every two years thereafter.


  • Meetings will normally take place every six weeks. Extra Ordinary meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by three other PPG members via the Secretary. Ten days notice must be given and The Practice, through The Practice Manager, must be informed in advance. Only the subject for which the extra ordinary meeting has been called will be discussed.
  • The quorum for any meeting will be 50% of the members plus one.


  • The Secretary will prepare the minutes of each meeting and forward them to the members within 14 days of each meeting. Where any action is required by a member this is to be indicated in the minutes.
  • Any agenda items for forthcoming meetings are to be forwarded to the Secretary at least five days before the date of the meeting.
  • No remuneration or expenses will be paid unless authorised by The Practice.
  • Views, ideas, suggestions and recommendations formulated by the PPG whether in writing or verbally and agreed in principle by the majority will be presented to The Practice via The Practice Manager or alternatively with a meeting with the doctors and nurses if deemed advisable.
  • All members of the PPG who receive or learn about any confidential information concerning a patient or The Practice must not disclose this information unless they have received express permission from The Practice or The Practice Manager. Any individual who discloses any confidential information without permission will be suspended until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.


  • The PPG may be dissolved by The Practice for good and sufficient reason. The Practice retains the right to veto PPG activities.