Disability Support

Very Well Health: How to Calm a Child with Autism

Techniques for avoiding and managing meltdowns.

Website: www.verywellhealth.com

Child Mind Institute: Treating Sensory Processing Issues

Specialized gyms help over-sensitive (or under-sensitive) kids.

Website: www.childmind.org

Sensory Smarts: Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues

Working with Schools from Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

Website: www.sensorysmarts.com

The Disability Resource Centre

We are here so that disabled people and their families have somewhere to turn if they feel alone and need help in any situation.

Telephone: 01582 470 900

Website: www.drcbeds.org.uk


How to Create a Safe, Sensory-Friendly Backyard Landscape for Your Child With Special Needs.

Website: www.wikilawn.com

Just Great Lawyers

Estate Planning for Parents of Children with Autism.

Website: www.justgreatlawyers.com

Your Storage Finder

Moving with Special Needs Kids – A Guide for Parents

Website: www.yourstoragefinder.com

Autism Bedfordshire

Autism Bedfordshire’s services help break down the barriers to social participation for people with autism and their families by providing places where they can go and feel comfortable, accepted and not judged by society.

Facebook: @autismbedfordshire

Twitter: @AutismBeds

Telephone: 01234 350704

Website: www.autismbedfordshire.net

Email: enquiries@autismbeds.org