Other Services

Long Term Conditions

Many patients are diagnosed with long term conditions such as respiratory or cardiac problems or high blood pressure. These conditions can be very well controlled with correct treatments, advice and information.

The Practice employs a team of Specialist Nurses who offer clinic appointments for the management of these conditions. Our nurses work closely with our doctors. Attendance at a clinic gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of your condition as well as having your symptoms monitored. Most clinics are held weekly and you will be invited to attend.

These clinics include:

Respiratory Conditions

If you have Asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) our Respiratory Nurse Specialist will discuss your concerns and aspects of your condition. This will help you to gain the best control of your symptoms. She will offer lifestyle advice, expert information about medication and devices, and can provide up to date information about the latest clinical guidance and treatments.

You may be asked to take a test that measures lung function (spirometry) which will give an indication of the severity of your condition and help us to advise on best treatment plans.


Our Diabetic Nurse Specialist offers education, understanding, and support to help you manage this condition with the aim of preventing any complications occurring. You will receive up to date information about the latest guidance and clinical treatments. We will ask you to have blood tests taken and your foot check done by the Healthcare Assistant, who will, at this appointment book your review with the nurse. Any other tests needed will be discussed with you at your appointment.

For more information visit www.diabetes.org.uk

Heart Conditions

We understand that it can be very worrying if you have been diagnosed with a heart condition. This is why we will offer you a regular opportunity to attend our heart clinic. The aim is to help you manage and understand your condition, improve your quality of life, and to prevent any complications. Prior to your review, you will be asked to have your blood test and when you attend the clinic our Specialist Nurse will discuss the results with you. You will also have the opportunity to discuss specific concerns or worries that you may have about your condition.

For more information visit www.bhf.org.uk

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to more serious conditions such as stroke and heart attack. Therefore it is very important that your condition is monitored regularly in order to prevent complications. You will be invited for regular screening with the Healthcare Assistant who will be able to offer the most appropriate tests and guidance. We understand that everyone leads a busy life and if your blood pressure is controlled you are able to complete your review online. You will still need to come in for a blood test.

Anti-coagulation Therapy Monitoring Service

The Practice offers an anticoagulation therapy monitoring service on Monday 08:00-12:00 at Grovebury Road and Tuesday 08:00 – 11:00 at Leighton Road for patients taking warfarin. This service offers patients a comprehensive service including receiving blood results with immediate dosing and assessment of medication and lifestyle.

For more information visit www.anticoagulationeurope.org

Drop in Clinic for Blood Tests

This is at our Grovebury Road Site:

  • Monday 8 til 12 and 2 til 3
  • Tuesday 8 til 12 and 2 til 3
  • Wednesday 8 til 12 and 2 til 3
  • Thursday 8 til 2
  • Friday 8 til 2

However please be aware there is a limit to the number of patients that can safely be seen. There may be occasions when due to a particularly high demand the list will be closed and you will be asked to return another day.

It is suitable for any blood tests – e.g. routine, urgent, fasting and non-fasting (these must have been requested by a doctor).

Patients simply turn up give their name to reception and join the queue for their blood test – patients will be seen in the order that they arrive.

Please note this clinic is for Blood Tests only.

Baby Clinic

Baby Immunisation Clinic is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at our Grovebury Road site. These sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to book an appointment.

Please ask at reception for further information.

Free Health Check

Are you between 40 and 74 years old?

If you are, and you do not have an existing diagnosed vascular disease, i.e. heart disease, stroke, diabetes or kidney disease, then please call the Surgery on

Leighton Road Surgery 01525 372571 or 01525 851888
Grovebury Road 01525 372571
 between 9.00am and 5.00pm to book your free NHS Check. Checks are once every 5 years. Invitations are sent to patients who qualify for these checks.

For more information about the health check see the attached leaflet.

Brook and Terrence Higgins Trust

Brook and Terrence Higgins Trust Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics offer appointments at our Grovebury Road site.

The Clinic is held Every Monday between 3.15pm and 6.15pm and is suitable for the following:

  • Repeat pills
  • Depo injection
  • Patches
  • Emergency contraception
  • FULL STI Screening – including rapid HIV testing
  • Treatment for Chlamydia and other STI’s
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Implant and Coil consultations

Call 01234 761080 for more information and to book an appointment. Your first appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

The Sphere Clinic

This clinic aims to help and advise you about contraception and sexual health.

The clinic runs every Tuesday afternoon from 3.00pm – 6.00pm and one Saturday a month from 8.30am – 12.45pm (check the homepage for the date) at our Leighton Road site.

To book please phone

Leighton Road Surgery 01525 372571 or 01525 851888
Grovebury Road 01525 372571
 or ask at either reception.

  • Registered and non-registered patients can book an appointment
  • The clinic is open to males and females of any age
  • Everything discussed is confidential
  • We can advise on and fit the contraceptive coils and implants
  • We can prescribe the emergency pill (morning after pill)
  • We can test and treat you for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) including Chlamydia
  • Most treatments are free (no prescription charge)
  • We can refer you  to a GUM (sexual health) clinic if necessary

Healthy Living Advice

The nurses and Healthcare Assistants are happy to check your blood pressure, urine and weight as well as giving advice about diet, relaxation, mental health, exercise, smoking, alcohol and drug use. Blood tests can be arranged as advised by your GP.

Patients over 45 years of age are recommended to have their blood pressure measured every 5 years – we may periodically invite these patients to come to have this done or patients can book an appointment with our nursing team.

For more information on Healthy Living at every age visit the NHS Live Well website.

Activities for Health

The practice is part of the Activities for Health referral scheme with Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre. Individuals that would qualify for the scheme include those with:

  • Obesity/overweight
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Book a telephone consultation with a doctor to discuss.