Private Services

Private hearing and ear wax removal

Private hearing and ear wax removal service available every Thursday at our Leighton Road site

Ear wax removal by an experienced Audiologist.

Micro suction treatment at £65 Рfor immediate and safe relief from a build-up of ear wax please visit

Private Referrals

If you need a private referral please note:

  • You need to speak to a GP before a referral letter can be done
  • Appointments for this are not urgent – therefore you will be given a routine appointment. It will not be done during the ‘on the day’ clinic
  • It may be possible to see the private doctor without a referral letter (check with your consultants secretary)
  • We cannot do ‘open’ referral letters, we need to have the name of the consultant you are seeing.
  • It will take up to 5 working days to process the letter from when you speak to your GP.

Please contact the secretaries if you need clarification on this process.