An invitation/opportunity to talk to LRS PPG

In these uncertain times, the PPG are aware that some patients may wish to talk to the them about their concerns or experiences with Leighton Road Surgery. Some PPG members have in the past gone into the waiting rooms and asked patients to fill out survey forms and also discussed various issues.

Due to Covid-19 we cannot continue this at present, so we are starting a virtual version whereby patients can book a Zoom appointment with 2 PPG members who will be able to address any queries, concerns and issues they may have and if necessary raise them with the surgery. We would also like to hear of services you consider to be good and which you think should be continued.

We would stress that the PPG are unable to answer medical questions or give medical advice, however, we are keen to know how the many initiatives Leighton Road Surgery have introduced in the last 10 or 11 months have affected patients.

If you would like to talk to the PPG, please email with your name and date of birth. We will have to confirm with Leighton Road Surgery that you are a patient but that will be their only involvement in these virtual sessions. Anything that you say will be treated with the utmost confidence. We will periodically put together anonymised comments and bring these up at our regular meetings.

We hope to hold these Zoom meetings between 2pm – 4pm weekly on a Wednesday, but other times will be available on other days and times if required.