Second Covid Vaccinations Update

We have details of all the first vaccinations given and will be in touch with you to arrange your second which will be 12 weeks later. If you received a text to book your first vaccination, you will also receive a text to book your second when the time comes. Likewise, if you received a telephone call to book your original vaccination, you will receive a call to book your second.

If you have already been given the date for your second vaccine, this still applies. (There is currently some national debate about whether this may get moved to 11 weeks but keep the appointment you have and we will update you nearer the time or contact you to make an appointment if you don’t already have one.)

We hope this clarifies any concerns you may have; please pass this information to any family/friends who may not have online access.

Please note: Patients aged 65-69 are asked to respond to their invites from NHSE to be vaccinated at a Mass Vaccination Site whilst the PCN site is asked to focus on those medically at risk.