Telephone Welfare Checks Service

BLEVEC has a team of volunteers available to support those you may have concerns about, particularly if they have had their services and support disrupted or delayed.

Purpose of welfare checks:

  • To make contact with the individual whose services and support have been disrupted, or you have a concern about their wellbeing, particularly out of hours
  • To check their physical wellbeing – are there any urgent needs
  • To check their emotional/mental state and provide general emotional support
  • To identify any urgent needs and alert the relevant statutory service to follow up
Requests for welfare checks can come from:
  • Bedfordshire Police, Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Control Rooms
  • East of England Ambulance Service Control Room – for Bedfordshire situations
  • Local Authorities – social care, housing etc.
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust – mental health services
  • Housing Associations – wellbeing of tenants
  • GPs/Medical centres; NHS services – community nurses, outpatients etc
  • Other BLRF partners

The agency making the request should inform the service user/patient/person of concern that a volunteer from BLEVEC will contact them to check they are ok or have any urgent needs.

Requests should be made by email to Robert Labe, BLEVEC Commander:



Welfare Check Request

Referring Agency:
Name of person to be contacted:
Telephone number:
Circumstances if known:
Time period: within which a call is to be made ideally: